Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Whale Job, Episode 7

Bears. It had to be bears, didn't it. First we run a Toyota into one, and now they're around the skull. Well, they've always been around it. But I actually saw one in the process of fleeing today. Apparently they got to it more than I'd thought, because the left jawbone segment is in about four pieces with gnaw marks on it. Figure I'll bolt it back together with some 1/8 steel or something. Aside from that, it's doing great. Gathered up all the bits I could find and put them back in the box. No teeth, though. Going to haul it up next time I get a chance and start the degreasing process, which should be really fun. I'm thinking I'll take the tub and fill it 50/50 with water and ammonia, and leave it for a while.

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