Thursday, July 21, 2011

An amusing side-note to the Whale Job

So I've been trawling the usual sources, and I come across a picture of a "sea monster" that washed up in Aberdeen, Scotland. So of course I check it out a bit further. Apparently this isn't the only place that's had a dead pilot whale wash up and make life strange for the local population. Only thing is that the response of the couple who found this one was "what the [EXPLETIVE DELETED] is that", not "hey look a dead whale, I'm going to decapitate it." Looks like I know where I'm going for vacation. Only thing is that this one's a bit bigger than the one I worked with, given at 30 feet long, although I'm doubting that from the comparison pictures . But given the state of decay, I'm thinking it'd be a good bit easier to take the skull off this one. Could also be a killer whale, they look rather similar to pilot whales, but to me at least it looks a good bit smaller than a killer whale would be.

Thirty feet, yeah right. No bigger than the one I found.

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