Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Whale Job, Updates 4 and 5

Yes, I'm behind. Deal with it. So today it's a two-parter. Doing the pre-mentioned two-week checks. This one's for the June 30th, and July 16th.

June 30: went down mid-afternoon.  It's been flipped over again, now back to left side down (point of reference being looking at it front to back, with the cut point at the rear). Looks like one of the mandible sections has been detached, probably from where it was rolled. Gotta be bears, what else is going to touch this thing?

The mandible fragment (I think)

And today, July 16th. Warm temperatures seem to be speeding the process up quite well. The oil-filled sonar organ (melon) seems to have deflated significantly, and a number of bones are showing. No movement that I can see. Black stain of various decay fluids noted around object, about three feet in diameter.

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